Unveiling the best Masquerade Party in Zurich at The Penthouse Club, FIVE Zurich!

18th September 2023

Mark your calendars for September 23rd and get ready to experience the most talked-about party in Zurich - The Penthouse Club's Masquerade Party with DJ Samir! This night promises to be an extraordinary celebration filled with captivating masks, scintillating beats, and a backdrop of Zurich's mesmerizing skyline.

Before diving into the night's festivities, tantalize your taste buds with an exquisite dining experience at The Penthouse Restaurant. Our menu is a symphony of flavours, featuring Japanese dishes that will transport your palate. Savor every bite of dishes like the grilled black Angus rib eye steak, Japanese wagyu Kagoshima A5, and truffle salmon maki rolls. It's the perfect way to begin your evening of revelry.

Later on, head to The Penthouse Club's Masquerade Party: your passport to a world of mystery and allure. As you step through our doors, you'll find yourself in a realm where masks conceal identities, and the night is alive with energy. The sensational DJ Samir will be at the helm, spinning the hottest dance radio hits all night long, ensuring that the dance floor remains a vibrant hub of excitement. With every beat, the party in Zurich will pulse with life.

Don't forget to don your most enchanting mask for this glamorous affair! Dress to impress and embrace the opulence that the night promises. The air will be thick with excitement as you mingle with fellow revelers, each mask adding an element of mystique to this party in Zurich. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting atmosphere that only a masquerade party can provide.

The Penthouse Club isn't just a venue; it's an experience. Our luxurious rooftop offers unparalleled views of Zurich's skyline, making it the ideal backdrop for a night of enchantment. The city's lights will twinkle below you as you dance the night away in our stylish and sophisticated setting. Get ready to see Zurich from a whole new perspective at this remarkable party in Zurich.

With the city's most luxurious rooftop venue, a mesmerizing skyline, delectable cuisine, and the hottest DJ in town, The Penthouse Club's Masquerade Party is a party in Zurich that you simply can't afford to miss. Get your masks ready, your dancing shoes on, and join us on September 23rd for a night of intrigue, dance, and glitz & glamour like no other.

For enquiries and booking call +41 78 410 5583